“Risen from a city that, even in its darkest times, has always known how to live… A city that, throughout time, has brought so much into this world, 7 Management has succeeded in one short year to become one of the leading F&B and nightlife operators in Lebanon.

As a Lebanese hospitality management company, 7 Management was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs who joined the experience of their different backgrounds. Under the leadership of Rabih Fakhreddine, a successful entrepreneur and businessman with a visionary approach and careful study of the food and beverages’ market in Lebanon and the MENA Region, the company grew into a leader in the bar industry with the renowned Feb30, one of the trademarks of nightlife in Hamra. 7 Management has since stood behind many great success stories such as Seven Sisters

Beirut, a leading and record-breaking concept that attracts people from the entire region, and the recently launched Antika Bar, which rapidly became the talk of the town.

And the company is far from done! Its newest project under development is more than an attempt of landing the perfect portfolio: Kahwet Beirut, your outside-the-box café concept and an almost guaranteed national success, is set be launched in the last quarter of 2016 at the Beirut Waterfront.

With its vision of a company with a more regional impact, 7 Management has now reached the UAE market with the highly anticipated Antika Night, and is currently looking into expanding its concepts to both the UAE and Egypt.”


Rabih Fakhreddine, CEO