The Capri-inspired venue stands out with its laid back Amalfi energy and coastal aesthetic.


A French restaurant with prime vantage points of the Downtown Dubai skyline and Burj Khalifa.

Le Rosé

Plush with an abundance of greenery, comfy sofas and hanging foliage.

B018.DXB Tropical Room

The timelessness of food combined with memorable moments brings people together, nourishing both body and soul, inviting you to find a fresh new flavor or moment. Here, and now.

Indulge in the moment and savor the now

For the love of Lebanese street food, we have 7 live authentic food and drink stations.

El Kbeer

Irresistible selections of fresh seafood straight from the sea, infused with Greek/Mediterranean dishes.


Notes of old Peru step in to entertain us with music of the past, food that stirs, asking us to connect.


Can you handle the madness? Join in the fun and party with us the Beirut way.


Bringing the golden age to Dubai. It’s home away from home and it will leave you nostalgic.

Café Beirut

Beirut’s favourite “bunker” nightclub with its legendary music has made its way to Dubai.


An unparalleled entertainment experience, from exquisite interiors to international fine dining. Welcome to the Masterpiece in Motion.

The Theater

A date that never was, but a moment that will be remembered for always at February 30 Dubai. The twists come in the form of moods, drinks and music.

February 30

A concept of 7 divine elements of an oasis; the Sun, Sky, Stars, Moon, Sand, Water and Flora with cocktails, dinner and views of the Dubai Canal.

Seven Sisters

A sophisticated restaurant bar complete with flavors and vibes of Lebanon’s legendary nightlife.


Hello, we are 7 Management

Our visionary concepts and years invested in perfecting the right flavors and entertainment blend has placed us at the forefront of restaurant, lounge, bar and club operators in Beirut, Dubai and Doha. From visualization to creation, every venue is complete with the most intricate of elements that our guests have come to know, love and expect from us. Our creativity knows no depth with a limitless vision, stretching our touch across Lebanon, the UAE and Qatar.

Look out for us in KSA, Egypt, Greece and the UK … very soon.

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Hello, we are 7 Management

What we do

We don’t simply create.

But are fortified with a solid vision and boundless imagination stemming from a desire to start a global food and drink revolution to capture the quintessence of hospitality. 
Our restaurants, bars and nightlife concepts are built around engaging experiences, providing each brand with a vibrant and unique personality, promising to leave you breathless but brimming with joy. 
We are aware that it takes more than a vision to shine so we’ve invested in our knowledge of food, the perfect ambience, immeasurable experiences and markets, inside out.



What’s your flavor? We can tell and or show you. We know what you seek and understand the intricacies of market behavior and trends. This valuable insight has allowed us to step into the minds of consumers and their current new favorites on an individual, or collective level.



A special moment, a remarkable cocktail in hand, a tune that sensuously dances on the senses, and new standards have been set. We live and breathe hospitality, proudly redefining moments and tastes in growing markets, while successfully catering to increasingly diverse customers with every new brand we give life to.



We cater to the passionate, the edgy and the adventure seekers who connect to the soul of every venue they visit. Today customers prioritize experiences over the material, driving us to further elevate their time with us, enhancing the moments, and living the minutes with them.

Where it all began

Where it all began

Seven Management’s regional recognition has long been established for its uniqueness and creativity in connecting with diverse audiences through providing highly memorable dining and entertainment experiences. Led by Rabih Fakhreddine, a group of young, dynamic visionaries came together and set the roots of Seven Management in Beirut, Lebanon. Today, our brands are highly regarded across the Middle East: Seven Sisters, Antika, February 30, The Theater, B018.DXB, Café Beirut, Lucia's, El Kbeer and Sayf. 

Our concepts

Venues around the world