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7 Management is a leading company in the F&B industry in Lebanon. The creators of Seven Sisters, Feb30, Black, Walkman, Antika Bar, Sayf, Kahwet Beirut, Latifa, El Kbeer, Big Shot and Check point charlie.

“Risen from a city that, even in its darkest times, has always known how to live… A city that, throughout time, has brought so much into this world, 7 Management has succeeded in one short year to become one of the leading F&B and nightlife operators

Rabih Fakhreddine, CEO


Meet up with friends for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just some coffee and downtime.
Step into Kahwet Beirut, a small-scale traditional Beiruti neighborhood with everything you love packed inside.


A venue that redefines the term "a crazy night out," Sayf will have you thinking you walked in on a Mad Hatter’s tea party. But with a lot more alcohol.


Feb30 has found its new home in Beirut Waterfront! Making you see things from a different angle, Feb30 gets you to look at life upside down instead of right side up


The essence of Seven Sisters Beirut has found its way to a new city with an evolved story. Representing the elements that make up an oasis, The Seven Sisters of Dubai celebrate the sun, sky, stars, moon, sand, water and flora.


The 7 diverse live-serving stations include manakeesh, shawarma, grills, sandwiches, salads, fruit cocktails and juices – guaranteed to satisfy your foody cravings!


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